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Vagón | Coors Light


During 2015, the COORS LIGHT launched a revised brand strategy focused on expanding the meaning of “refresh”. For some years, the brand had been positioned as “The Most Refreshing in the World”. This was interpreted by consumers to literally describe the quality of quenching thirst.

To become more relevant, the positioning was rephrased as “Refresh your world”, expanding the literal meaning of “refreshing” beyond mere cold and into innovating, creating, looking at life in an unexpected way.

In order to truly “refresh your WORLD” we understood that we had to interact with their whole world – and for millennials, the digital world is their social center and as real as any. For that reason, the strategy required the creative solution to bring something unique and engaging to all digital platforms. Something that not only expands the mass media experience, but is a piece of interesting content in its own right.

The TV spot was amplified with online presence by creating authentic content for the millennial target in mind. To communicate how COORS LIGHT refreshes your world, a series of interactive videos spoke to the DIY and crafty user on how to recreate every item of the set at home, bringing the experience into your world

The “vagon” concept was taken beyond online presence and into COORS LIGHT’s events, where users had the opportunity to interact and become part of the experience.

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