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Tu Segundo Coors | Coors Light


With the intention of strengthening brand significance during the holidays COORS LIGHT presented its new campaign through a scientific fact which was socially meaningful during New Year’s Eve 2016 – a “leap second”.

Every few years Earth gets a one-second adjustment, nonetheless, COORS LIGHT declared that this last second of the year was meant to be a special moment. Unfortunately, many people would miss it while on the phone struggling to send best wishes to others.

Being determined to make this last second count, COORS LIGHT revealed an innovative and free SMS/MMS video scheduler for everyone that believes New Year’s Eve should be celebrated with a beer in hand, not a cellphone. Therefore, the strategy was set to reach a digital active audience and entice them to an online mobile web platform that would allow the users to bond with their friends and/or loved ones while celebrating fittingly this extra (leap) second of 2016.

Adhering to the “leap second” TU MOMENTO COORS allowed users to pre-record “one second” video greetings prior New Year’s Eve. These were automatically scheduled to be sent at 11:59.60 on December 31.

The desired outcome was defiant; it was meant to resist the usual – phone network clutters and New Year’s Eve bad habits.

As a free mobile tool and no ‘proof-of-purchase’ needed COORS LIGHT provedthat culturally staying connected with friend and family is fundamental – while at the same time living unforgettable moments as you get an extra second in life.

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