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Mazola Cardio Cart | Mazola


Mazola Corn Oil is positioned as the heart-healthy brand of cooking oils. It is the market leader, despite being premium priced. To retain its loyal consumers, it is necessary to keep developing programs that help strengthen this equity of goodness, which has become its key differentiation.

Mazola challenged us to create a shopper experience during February (Heart-Health month) that would bring the Mazola’s heart-healthy message at the most relevant moment; POS.

Thus, the supermarket aisles were transformed into a data gathering ecosystem when Mazola Corn Oil installed a live screen on the handle bar where consumers place their hands to push their shopping carts. This interacted with them as a monitor reacting to the consumers’ heartbeats and a transmitter (synchronized to beacons strategically placed throughout the store) of valuable nutritional information. The Mazola brand was projected as being in tune with modern, technological lifestyles and – most important – a key ally in helping consumers develop healthier eating habits.

First, the shoppers are made aware of their actual cardio rate, arising consciousness of the importance of maintaining a healthy heart. The live data makes them more receptive to the message they receive regarding the surrounding merchandise. By utilizing indoor mapping/proximity data, their individual screen shows recommendations about healthy foods available at the aisle where they are shopping at the actual moment.

Thus, Mazola strengthened its credibility as the brand that cares for the health of your heart. Therefore, in subsequent years, the solution has been to develop, every February, a news-worthy program that allows the brand to develop “good hearted” as a proprietary concept, in ways that are fun, interesting, and innovative; even playful, but never preachy.

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