The gift of life has continuously been one of the largest acts of spirituality and is a true wonder of medical science. It has been the exertion of the healthcare collective, over generations, to enable this great mission. We believe that organ donation is a vital building block in this noble goal.

LifeLink Foundation is commitment to saving lives through organ and tissue donation. Their foundation’s is purpose is to fulfill the life-saving dreams of waiting transplant recipients through the generosity of organ and tissue donors.

Introspecting into modern day digital behavior, our campaign is based on the insight that people frequently post selfies when there has been a distinguishable change in their lives and it is usually accompanied by a before and after sequence of visuals.

The twist on the typical “Before & After” photos, is that the images show different persons and not the same person with different looks.

The “new you” is inside, thanks to the organ donor who made the most significant change in the recipient’s life. That’s why organ donation enables the recipient to get a second lease of life while it celebrates the donor’s act of exemplary humanism.

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