Keep on Sucking | Jolly Rancher

jorge machado

Jolly Rancher’s global insight is based on the fact that some things in life unquestionably suck.

Yes, life can suck, the ads say. Nonetheless, Jolly Rancher candy can make those suckier moments a little less sucky—and at the same time, a little more “sucky”, given that this is, after all, a candy you suck on. Get it?

By resisting the usual, we worked on a visual twist to the tagline, “Keep on sucking!”. Therefore, we went beyond just telling the target to ‘keep on sucking the candy until frustrating moments suck a little less’, to encouraging them to keep on trying things at which they really “suck” but love (like your candy).   

Enjoy what you like, whatever life throws at you, #KeepOnSucking!


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