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Güiro | Coors Light


One of the biggest challenges for any brand is to communicate and transcend during the holidays, and COORS LIGHT wanted to do so while maintaining it’s “refreshing” and “reinventing” conversation. With this in mind, COORS LIGHT was able to do so by reinventing a local and folkloric instrument commonly used during the Holiday celebrations, and with that, reinventing the sound of the Holidays.

The güiro, a folkloric musical instrument, universally present in any Puerto Rican seasonal celebration, gets an electric make-over. The sound of holiday celebrations is refreshed.

Communicating through the lens of the DIY and innovation movement during this holiday season, COORS LIGHT achieved relevance and substantial followers with the campaign’s authentic content. As users were reached through blogs and social media, enough sound was done to make the Güiro’s sound different and innovating while crafting conversations throughout the festivities.

REINVENTing THE GÜIRO gave credibility to the brand message via a highly entertaining demonstration that captures viewers’ attention across all media and becomes an internet sensation overnight.

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