Gifiti | Coors Light


During 2015, the Coors Light brand strategy was focused on expanding the meaning of “refresh.” For some years, the brand had been positioned as “The Most Refreshing in the World.” This was interpreted by consumers to literally focusing on quenching your thirst.

To become more relevant, the positioning was rephrased as “Refresh your world”, expanding the literal meaning of “refreshing” beyond cold and into innovating, creating, and looking at life in an unexpected way.

This concept was applied in all brand messages.

Nonetheless, one way to do it was by changing the way a traditional medium was used; out-of-home billboards.

The creative solution was to produce billboards that were very special for the quality of their artwork and for the unique feature that they could be turned from outdoor advertising into GIF’s to be shared on social media.

By refreshing the billboard, we were able to communicate that we are the only beer that refreshes your world.

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