CapFi | Coors Light


No more throwing away your Coors Light bottle cap. Now with the Coors Light CapFi you can enjoy expanded data storage for free. CapFi! The first ‘bottle-cap’ with NFC Data integrated. Engineered for you by our master brewers! CapFi is a disruptive product solution that works with your mobile phone, tablet or desktop, so you can store pictures, music, and/or videos up to 1GB. No more bottle cap littering; keep it, save it, use it, re-use it, share it, collect it, blah, blah, and more blah.

“April Fools!”

After uncovering that many of our young audience (18 – 24) is totally disconnected/unaware about Coors Light’s sustainability programs, we decided to do something to truly engage with them. On April Fools 2017, Coors Light was going to release interactive NFC connected bottle caps that could allocate 1G of information of media files, not really!

We targeted young millennials and tech-junkies with hopes of getting them hyped about our “revolutionary product.” Once they visited the landing page and joined the ‘early-adopters’ program they received and email revealing the April Fool’s joke.

Nonetheless, the email talked about the importance of not littering bottle caps and recycling all bottles. They were offered to learn more about Molson Coors sustainability program within multiple call to action URL’s.

Local advertising news “The Media Scoop” quoted us as the best brand/advertising April Fools hoax of 2017.

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