5 December 2018

VMLY&R Puerto Rico @ Microsoft AI Tour LATAM 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has begun to spread on a large scale among various corporations that are in need to incorporate agile technology in their production processes, logistics or customer service in order to make their business future-proof.

Nevertheless, data is inevitably the raw material regarding the integration of these powerful systems.

If we take a step back, most people find the vision of the future rather disturbing. The rise of AI may seem threatening. People can’t help but fear the unstoppable technological developments that would risk their jobs while threatening their privacy and their sense of ownership.

But let’s face it, technology advancements, much like change is inevitable.

Over the years, have humans not stopped innovating or evolving every day. From developing easier ways to hunt their preys in the wild to using computers to do repetitive and time-consuming tasks – reason why Microsoft urges us to consider that “the velocity of transformation is violent.” – when in reality, people like to see things not only done right, but done conveniently and quickly. Therefore, improving their lifestyle and enhancing their day to day living experience.

Consequently, what used to be the fastest today will be the slowest one tomorrow and the most convenient ones now will be completely useless later on. Therefore, according to Microsoft, “the best technology is the one that disappears by becoming indispensable to our lives”. Thus, they give us products and solution to consider towards a less violent transformation.

“We are seeing a widespread interest in this technology (Artificial Intelligence) from various sectors as a solution for the integration of their systems, for the better use of data and the attention of their public,” said Herbert Lewy, general manager of Microsoft for the Caribbean.

Microsoft showed us some of the AI local applications that have significant advances in issues, such as the treatment of children with autism spectrum capabilities, as well as improvements in banking processes and the optimization of the enrollment process in educational entities.

“We talk about AI as a business opportunity, but it is also an opportunity for education, through this technology we are giving quality of life to a person and for me that is very important,” said Professor Bryan Rivera, who applies AI among students with autism.

Looking at it from a marketing and advertising perspective, I’m reminded of the following ‘violent’ growing trend – “creativity provides the thrill, but it is data that pays the bills”.

This is the description of our Digital Creative Director, Eliud Echevarria when asked what the future of marketing is – but what is the future of marketing? If we glance into the future and how technology is/should/must be integrated, any and all agencies’ core objective relies in client service, hence being client centric.

Therefore, looking at it from an advertising perspective, all agencies should build their capabilities centering on client needs because the clients are the ones that will define value. Therefore, your success should not be dependent on your products/services but determined on the success of your clients.

Therefore, how can agencies integrate AI to improve their service while improving their partner brands solutions?

1. Engage with your clients
2. Empower your employees
3. Optimize your operations
4. Transform your product and services

When it comes to technology, is it is too late to start or is it too early to do everything?

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