19 December 2018

Easy Effective E-Commerce

With this wave of tech having an immersion in our lives, e-commerce is no exception and even more when it has become a top shopping contender for most of us. From the immediate click and buy to the excitement of receiving the purchase, we love e-commerce – specially for the “not-leaving-home” and “shopping-without-lines” perks.

It’s also great for businesses! Reaching and marketing to their targets, getting to know their consumers and having immediate feedback – it can’t get better than this. But why aren’t more small businesses benefiting from e-commerce? Do they still have a chance when huge retailers like Amazon and eBay are ruling the global market?

Puerto Rico is no exception for falling into these e-commerce giants’ love story, except for the fact that we don’t get two-day shipping (even while paying for a subscription) and that not so many local sellers sell their goods on these platforms.

So, the question rises: is it easier or more cost efficient for local businesses to have a their own e-commerce site? Yes, it could be! Starting off with some simple pro’s:

– An e-commerce store works 24/7
– It can be branded and personalized
– Products reach clients and the other way around too
– Generate multi-channel sales
– Sales, customers and insight data at fingertips
– It’s cheaper to have an e-commerce than to have a physical store

Of course, there is still logistic and planning to consider (for shipping and inventory), but still it could be a great option to create a brand and ship goods inside and out of the Island.

Without deep-diving into the most talked about issue in Puerto Rico for the last couple of years, hurricane Maria certainly affected the island’s economy in many ways. Hitting hard local small businesses and forcing some to even shut doors with the hurricane’s aftermath. Nonetheless, e-commerce helped some local stores and entrepreneurs get back on track by selling online and even tapping into Instagram’s e-commerce integration.

In the end, with the right determination and tools, e-comm is a great option for expanding small businesses. And if these tips are followed, even better!

– Create your brand’s identity.
– Easy to navigate website, but most importantly: easy to buy.
– Attractive copywriting
– Have a strategic SEO.
– Create visually appealing product shots.

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